Special Ramen 得製らーめん @ Fūunji
Fūunji, Shibuya City
Of course there would be a line outside this shop, split in 2 by a road since you couldn’t stand in the middle of it. When I finally entered the shop, it became apparent the wait was not over as we had to wait behind the still-dining patrons while they slurped their noodles like it was the last thing on earth to eat. Everyone else seemed to be slurping on another dish that involved dipping noodles in a separate bowl of broth...and now to the main event: this was ramen submerged in a fishy and slightly unsettling broth, and clearly, I went over the top with the extras. 🍜 #風雲児 #fuunji #ramen #tsukemen #bambooshoots #fishandchickenbroth #umami #watchwhileotherseat #bewatchedwhileyoueat #sootyeats #tokyo #sootyinJP🇯🇵
Eaten: Mon, 07 May 2018 04:55