Raspberry Sorbet.

We've all been there - you're in an unfamiliar place, perhaps a foreign city - and you have a sudden craving for a certain food.

How do you find the best place to satisfy that craving? For our founder Tim, this was a struggle he experienced all too often.

Whilst on an spontaneous road trip to France, Tim arrived in Lille on a warm spring Sunday and found himself craving ice cream.

After spending 30 minutes searching for the best ice cream parlour nearby by trying to read through various restaurant rating apps, websites and blogs, he gave up in frustration and decided to just go to the nearest place.

To his surprise, not only did they have raspberry sorbet (his favourite!), but it was the most amazing one he had ever eaten.

On his way back home, he started thinking, “Why was it so hard to find a place that serves great ice cream? If only there was an app I could use to find the best raspberry sorbet wherever I am in the world - an app that is all about the food - not the service nor the ambience.”

And from that thought, Eaten was born. Tim started building the app the very next day.