10 Ice Creams to Try in London This Summer Eaten
10 Ice Creams to Try in London This Summer


With summer (almost) on it’s way, we’ve provided you with a little respite from those sticky tube journeys with our round-up of the best Eaten approved ice cream choices across the city. From traditional Italian gelato to spectacular candifloss concoctions, we’ve got the definitive scoop on where to satisfy your cravings this summer. 



Making a name for yourself is a challenge for any restaurant, but particularly so for an industry as saturated as ice cream. Our favourite new opening is pop-up Virtu, a parlour focused on sourcing the best British ingredients to create gelato and sorbets (our CEO Tim is obsessed with the strawberry ice cream) Virtu also has the added benefit of being totally vegan, and uses ingredients such as kudzu (Japanese arrowroot), inulin & olive oil to give it an authentic taste and texture.



As with most things in life, Italians do it better. Our top pick for authentic Italiano Gelato is Bologna-born Unico, which now boasts an impressive four locations across London. Unico specialises in nailing classic flavours alongside gourmet creations, and can be relied upon to give you the freshest, creamiest ice cream. Bonus point: the restaurant is partially owned by ex Chelsea star Gianfranco Zola. Molto Bene!


BEST ON EATEN - Chin Chin 

Our Eaten users have spoken; Chin Chin’s burnt butter caramel icecream on Killer Cone is officially the highest rated ice cream in London. Our expert writes - ‘everything about this was amazing! The ice cream, the marshmallow, the cone’. These liquid nitrogen show-stoppers can be found at several locations across London, and offer a combination of outlandish flavours and enough theatrical flare to melt even the staunchest critics. 


MOST EXTRA ICE CREAM - Snowflake Gelato

Snowflake Gelato made headlines in 2017 with its aptly named ‘Billionaire Soft Serve’, pricing in at an eye-watering £99. On the less ostentatious side, Snowflake offers an array of beautifully delicate, luxurious ice creams (their avocado gelato served in a real avocado shell has no doubt been popping up all over your feed). Find their selections at Selfidges and other botiques around town. 


BEST VEGAN - Yorica! 

London is finally waking up to the untapped potential for deliciousness that is Vegan food, and the ice cream world is no different. From Ben & Jerry’s to Magnum, the big brands are incorporating more and more dairy-free options in their menus. Our favourite Vegan ice cream shop is Yorica!, a soho-based hideaway that caters for 14 different major allergies without compromising on flavour (their HazelNOT is especially sought after) 



We know we know, ice cream should be about great flavour. However, the cotton candy clouds and decadent marshmallwow toppings available at Soft Serve Society make for such beautiful food-art that we had to include them on our list. Come prepared for long queues, three weeks worth of sugar intake (and a decent haul of insta likes) and decide for yourself whether or not it's worth the calories. 



For variety and complexity of flavours, you’d have to go a long way to beat King Cross’ Ruby Violet. This elegant spot has made its name through innovative flavour combinations and sophisticated takes on classics. With options like Mulled Wine, Brown Toast & Seville Orange Marmalade, Masala Chai, Beetroot and Horseradish, Rice Pudding and Apricot and Mantova Pumpkin, Ruby Violet knocks the classic vanilla out of the water. 


BEST FIND - Romeo & Giulietta Artisan Gelateria


If you’re looking for a less touristy, hidden gem of an ice cream parlour, give Romeo & Giulietta Artisan Gelateria a try. This husband & wife duo are dedicated to championing authentic Italian flavours and produce their own gelato fresh on site everyday. If the name alone isn’t enough to get you through the door, Romeo & Giulietta has a plethora of 5 star reviews and customers hailing it the ‘best gelato in London’. This little parlour won't stay a secret for long, so give it a visit before the masses descend 



For the perfect all rounder, head down to the ever popular La Gelateria in London's Covent Garden for your fix of great Italian gelato, chilled atmosphere and enough flavour options to last you all summer long. A stone's throw away from the tourist hot-spots of Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square, this parlour makes for the perfect refreshment stop after a busy day.


BEST POP-UP - Canopy Markets' Gelato Festival

It wouldn’t be summer in the city without the steady stream of pop-up ice cream stands dotted around the capital's parks, but this year several of London's best loved are teaming up to bring you the ice cream festival of dreams. Held at King’s Cross’ Canopy Market, this pop-up festival celebrates the very best Gelato, sorbet and ice cream that London has to offer. Unlike other London food festivals, gelato festival actually provides a pretty good bang for buck, with £15 tickets allowing you to taste every single ice cream at the event. 

Check out their website for tickets and further info 


Let us know in the comments your top picks for Ice Cream spots in your local area and remember to share your favourites on Eaten! 


Happy licking!