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2nd グルメ北海道産男爵コロッケ かぼちゃ
J-Mart, Singapore
Gourmet Hokkaido pumpkin croquettes that I bought frozen and deep-fried on a second occasion after microwaving them on the first occasion yielded disappointing results. Follow the instructions on the package, kids and don’t be lazy like I was the first time.
Martin Zwerts Friture, Singapore
Spherical croquettes of beef and chicken, but mostly beef (I tasted none of the chicken). The contents had a gravy-like consistency. But let’s get to the star of the dish, which were the frites. These were solid chunks of potato, with crisp outsides and deliciously fluffy insides. Got it to go with the store’s MZ Special Sauce (Onion Frite & Kerrie) and the Garlic Frite sauce (which I preferred).
7th KABOCHA KOROKKE かぼちゃコロッケ
Soots Cook Nook, Private
What can I say? I love pumpkin and I love croquettes! So I had to add Panko crumbs to the pantry (boo)! Adding maple smoked bacon to the pumpkin and onion filling was a game changer. For me anyway. Crispy on the outside and naturally sweet and savory on the inside, what’s not to party about in your mouth?!?
8th 北海道産とうもろこしのクリームコロッケ
Kobe Croquette, Kyoto
Hokkaido creamed corn croquette. I wish these were as readily available and affordable here as they are in Japan. 😋
11th ニッスイ コーンクリームコロッケ NISSUI CORN CREAM CROQUETTES
J-Mart, Singapore
These were waaay smaller (~ the size of my thumb) than I expected, and for the (already questionable at the outset) price and less than stellar texture, I will not be getting them again.
Ningyocho Imahan, Chuo City
Eating out in Japan can sometimes be an exciting guessing game, especially if you’re in the outskirts.
13th カニクリームコロツケ
Ningyocho Imahan, Chuo City
I thought it was a creamed corn croquette. Little did I know I would find out more than 2 months later via Google Translate that it was actually a creamed crab croquette 😳 🦀