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1st 柚子醤油らーめんYUZU SHOYU RAMEN
AFURI, Shibuya City
The experience begins with picking a ramen dish among the 5 variations on offer in the vending machine. I picked a chicken & dashi based shoyu broth, laced with yuzu, a slice of grilled pork (chicken in my case because somehow the guy knew to ask if I wanted chicken instead), half portion seasoned boiled egg (nitamago), bamboo shoots (menma), mixture leaves (mizuna) and a piece of seaweed (nori). After all, a “soy sauce based soup with refreshing Yuzu citrus accent” sounded especially appealing after a 12-hour fast. The next step involves presenting your ticket to the server who then asks how much chi yu (chicken oil) you prefer in your broth; there are 2 options: “Tanrei” which is the AFURI classic and it blends just enough chi yu into the broth to create a delicately balanced soup, and “Maroaji” which sounds like the “Tanrei” kicked up an extra notch and results in a more robust broth with a “thicker mouthfeel.” The guy heartily recommended the latter, so I went with that. VERDICT... This ramen totally made my day! And it paired perfectly with the housemade yuzu highball. Best damn brunch I’d had in recent memory. #soogood #afuri #阿夫利 #柚子#yuzu #shoyu #maroaji #extrachiyu #mouthfeel #yuzushoyuramen #ebisu #tokyo #ramen #sootyeats🥢 #sootyinJP🇯🇵
Sumo Bar Happy, Singapore
House-made noodles made with fresh yuzu tossed in a house-blend soy and white ponzu. Paired them with crispy lightly battered tempura prawn, mushroom, sweet potato and onion, onsen egg, tempura sauce, shio kanbu and chives. This was light and refreshing.
Tajima Ramen East Village, San Diego
original tonkotsu soup, fried garlic, green onions, ½ ramen egg, pork chashu, baby arugula, sesame seeds, and japanese seaweed. Rich and creamy broth that’s sooo good when you’re cold and hungry late in the day.
Afuri Roppongi Crossing Gate, Minato City
Ramen in rich, spicy, yuzu-laced broth with sous vide chicken
Hototogisu Ramen, Singapore
I tasted no coffee in this so I can only deduce the cappuccino refers to what appears to be an espuma of yuzu atop the base broth. It’s frothy but by no means light on flavor, and for that reason, much preferred to its blander counterpart at Afuri (Singapore branch).
9th CUP NOODLE CHEESE CURRY カツプヌードル 欧風チーズカしー
DON DON DONKI Clarke Quay Central, Singapore
I was a little ambivalent about this but it pleasantly surprised. Apparently cheese curry has been around a bit. This one happens to be an updated version with beef oil and diced beef added to the mix. It’s also being advertised as having “European style beef flavor.”
10th MISO RAMEN 味噌らーめん
Shirakaba Sansou, Singapore
“Stir fried miso made from several kinds of miso from Hokkaido...” At $13, it was cheaper than the average ramen here, yet comparable, which for the most part, has not been spectacular. 😕
11th 柚子醤油らーめんYUZU SHOYU RAMEN
AFURI Ramen, Singapore
“soya-sauce flavoured broth impeccably balanced with yuzu aroma and delicate dashi” It was decent but not as robust as the broth I thoroughly enjoyed in their Tokyo branch (perhaps it was missing the chicken oil that the staff like to add after determining your preference). You didn’t have a choice between chicken and chashu either (which was a little disappointing for me).
Sumo Bar Happy, Singapore
A combination of their beef ramen and their char siew ramen: sauteed sliced US beef, Nagano pork char siew, 8-hour slow-roasted red wine boneless short rib, and house-made Japanese scallop-fish cake. This was more than a little much for me.
13th CHA SHU RAMEN チャ一シューら〜麺
Menya Musashi Kodou @ Westgate, Singapore
Yes, if you were a fly sitting on the rim of this bowl, it’d feel like you were staring into one of the La Brea tar pits, but rest assured it smelled better than the ones in LA. That the soup base was made with scallion and onion oil helped.
Afuri Roppongi Hills, Minato City
Having been wowed by Afuri’s ramen, I had to bring some home with me. Not the same, but still decent and unique.
15th RAMEN
Ichiran Ramen, Shibuya City
My first bowl of ramen in Japan occurred in what is known as a Flavor Concentration Booth located in Shibuya, Tokyo after a week of traveling in the Kansai region. I am generally not crazy about tonkotsu ramen because of the distinct odor associated with pork in the broth. However, ICHIRAN claimed to be the origin of "tonkotsu soup with no bad odors." Given such promise on a cool, rainy night and after a long day of traveling, I went for it. No doubt, the broth was very aromatic but I could still detect a hint of boar taint. Nonetheless, the side of kikurage mushrooms helped distract from this. 🍜
16th SPECIAL RAMEN 得製らーめん
Fūunji, Shibuya City
Of course there would be a line outside this shop, split in 2 by a road since you couldn’t stand in the middle of it. When I finally entered the shop, it became apparent the wait was not over as we had to wait behind the still-dining patrons while they slurped their noodles like it was the last thing on earth to eat. Everyone else seemed to be slurping on another dish that involved dipping noodles in a separate bowl of broth...and now to the main event: this was ramen submerged in a fishy and slightly unsettling broth, and clearly, I went over the top with the extras. 🍜 #風雲児 #fuunji #ramen #tsukemen #bambooshoots #fishandchickenbroth #umami #watchwhileotherseat #bewatchedwhileyoueat #sootyeats #tokyo #sootyinJP🇯🇵